Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Haul | Primark Edition

I mentioned previously that Primark have been on top form this year so far, so on my last few visits I have not left empty handed.  I saw a top and some shoes on their Instagram account and knew I had to have them. I've learnt my lesson with Primark, if you want something you have to get it as soon as you see it or you'll be disappointed. So with that in mind, I went over to Liverpool with my nan on Friday and managed to pick up the things that I wanted and more (unfortunately, I forgot to photograph the other two tops I bought, but they'll definitely be appearing in some outfit posts). 

First things first, I saw these shoes and immediately I wanted them. flatform pumps. How cute are these for Spring? I'm not a fan of flat shoes, but have wanted some slip ons for ages, so these were a perfect match for me. I have a thing for ugly shoes.

I am very much a hat person and after seeing a recent haul post by Amy Valentine where she had purchased a grey fedora, I went in search for one myself. Unfortunately they never had the grey one in store, but I got this gorgeous black one instead. After all, it's my signature colour. 

Say goodbye to florals this Spring because colour blocking is taking over and what better way to embrace it than with these gorgeous blazers? There is so many different colours to choose from, but I went for this cool grey colour and amazing green. I am so tempted to purchase more already (I know, I'm so bad) and cannot wait to rock them when I finally go back to work in May.

After staring at these culottes every time I stepped inside Primark, I finally plucked up the courage to purchase them. It was quite brave of me to go for something to far out of my comfort zone but I'm ready to embrace them and I am really looking forward to styling them.

I picked up this gorgeous red, scalloped top to go with the culottes, how nautical (I even have a pair of blue peep toe flatforms on the way to go with it). This top is going to be so easy to dress up or down and I absolutely love the scalloped hem. This is going to be the most versatile item of clothing in my wardrobe from now on. 

Onto my bargain coat next! Would you believe this beauty was only £10 in the sale?! I saw it last Friday and put it back, then when I got home I regretted my decision instantly. Whilst I was on the train on Monday, I told myself if it was still there, I would buy it. Upon entering the shop, I went straight to the coats, there were two left, a girl had hold of one, the other one was a 14. I was sad. The girl put hers back. I picked it up. It was my size. Hallelu! You could say it was fate. 

Finally, some more practical additions to my wardrobe. With the adult decision to start getting fit this year (mainly so I can fit into my outfit for George's Christening) I thought I should buy some actual gym clothes. Primark have some absolutely gorgeous things, girls were practically fighting over the clothes (no, I'm kidding). I got these fabulous little grey and teal items and they are actually making me excited to work out. Who knew?

So that's how I've spent my Christmas money this year anyway.

What do you think of my haul?

Rachael xo


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