Monday, 22 September 2014

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At 7am on Tuesday 09th September, I woke up with slight labour pains. A trip to the Mums and Midwives shop in my local town centre was already on the agenda for the day so I could have a second sweep since little Baby Walker was already over due! 

When I went for my exam in the shop (which my midwife was working in that day), she told me I was already 4cm dilated which meant no sweep for me! I was told to go home and bounce on my birthing ball and to take it easy until my contractions got stronger and closer together. 

After ringing my (midwife) mum (who screamed down the phone), she said I would be approximately 7cm dilated by the 8pm and that was when we would go up to the hospital. She advised me to go home and have a hot bath to ease the pains, and take some paracetemol (also a running joke in our house as she advises this on a regular basis!) 

By the time 8pm come, my contractions were really painful and getting closer together, so we rang the hospital and off we popped. I was told I was only 5cm dilated - which I was really upset about as I thought I'd be well further along than that. The midwife who examined me was concerned about the size of my bump and I was really big, therefore my birth plan went out the window and I was advised not to have a water birth. 

I was then sent to an active birth room where there was a birthing ball, and a horse shoe shaped chair to sit on to try move my labour along. I was on gas and air from the minute I got into the room and what an amazing thing that is, it made me feel drunk. After another examination, I still wasn't progressing as baby was back to back and his head was in a funny position, so the midwife looking after me broke my waters around 4am.

Labour was extremely slow and I didn't start pushing until 10am on the 10th September. He got stuck because he was so big and had a slight shoulder dystocia, so when he finally come out, he was really swollen and his head was really long, but he was perfect. We never had a definite name when we went into hospital, but as soon as we saw him we knew George was his name. 

11 days over due, he was certainly worth the wait. The past 12 days have been hectic with visitors and night feeds, but we're really settled at home with him and I'm excited to share all our new experiences! 



  1. How adorable <3

    1. Thanks chick! He's pretty perfect xx