Sunday, 7 September 2014

Bump and I | 41 Weeks

Bump and I reached 41 weeks yesterday, which means we are now 8 days over our due date. This is extremely frustrating because Peter and I are desperate to meet Baby W. While we are waiting for our bundle of joy to arrive, I decided I'd share my experience of being pregnant without going into TOO many gory details!

1. The First 12 Weeks:
The scariest 3 months of your life is those first crucial 12 weeks from when you conceived. Waiting for your 12 week scan, checking you have no spotting or bleeding every time you go to the toilet, knowing that morning sickness is a GOOD sign and keeping this big secret all to yourself before you announce you're expecting. Then, when you have your 12 week scan and see your baby is fine and wiggly and perfect, your heart does a massive sigh of relief, it's emotional, 

2. Morning Sickness:
Doesn't always mean you will throw up. You will want to throw up to make yourself feel better. You can be extremely nauseous and not want to eat anything. Ever. Smells make you sick. You don't have to throw up to experience this. And all you'll want to do is sleep.

3. Bump:
You will fall in love with your bump, yes you will probably have a hissy fit (or 10) over clothes not fitting you properly, but you will love your bump. I touch mine all the time, like a comfort thing. Although my bump is quite huge at this moment in time, and I can't bend down, it's stayed very neat throughout my pregnancy (which makes me lucky because I'm all baby and no additional weight), and I LOVE it when people compliment my bump. People will want to touch it, which is weird, it's something I'll never understand, you can tell them no, it's your body! I'm going to miss my bump when it's gone.

4. Questions, Questions, Questions:
You'll get bored of hearing "do you know what you're having?" "have you had any weird cravings?" People ask these questions all the time. At one point, I wanted to get a tshirt printed saying "it's a surprise and we don't crave anything strange" just so I could point to it when people asked.

5. The "Are You Still Here?"
The absolute WORST question you will ever hear in your last few weeks. If you go shopping, people will ask when you bump into them. You want to scream "no I had the baby a week ago" while pointing to your massive baby bump. Along with this, people will text you asking if you've had the baby, they will write on your Facebook wall, they will tweet you, they will comment on Instagram posts, they will tell you off for posting photos of other babies. They will tell you to hurry up. They will ask when the baby is coming. They will ask if there's been any signs. While it's nice that people care, and people are interested, it's a little bit frustrating when you're sitting at home, past your due date, just waiting and waiting for one little twinge yourself. Nobody is more excited and impatient for your baby to come except YOU. You want to tell people "if I could have it today, I would, but unfortunately, it's not up to me." but you have to be polite don't you?

I must apologise for the little rant at number 5. It's the hormones!


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