Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sunday Snapshots | Week #003

Favourite hand products | Pregnancy food | Salmon, veg and potatoes | Poptarts and tea | Off to an interview| Popcorn and movie night | Skelita Calaveras and Venus McFlytrap | Pamper night | Facemasks!

For once, I've actually had a rather busy week! The start of the week was quite slow, but I had two interviews at the end of the week, one was for a temporary job which I didn't get (but was glad about!) and the other was for a permanent job and I start on Monday! Go me! 

My little brother came for a sleepover, which he was calling his "spar day" - yes spar with an "r" but he is only 8! We did each other's makeup, ate popcorn and put face masks on, while Pete took my other brother (twins eh?) to the wrestling.

I'm now off for a roast dinner at my mum's - perfect end to a lovely week! 

What did you get up to this week?



  1. The food looks yummy. I could easily eat some junk food right now. Love the look of the face masks as well.