Tuesday, 22 March 2016

A-Z of Being a Mummy

A is for Anything
As in you will do anything to keep your child happy/ entertained, such as silly dances, funny faces, bribes and hours of Peppa Pig.

B is for Baby
I guess this one is super obvious, but what is better than carrying your baby for nine months, to then be able to greet them and hold them in your arms?

C is for Cuddles
Baby cuddles really are the one! I'm lucky enough that George is and always has been a cuddly babe and I soak these moments up as much as I can.

D is for Dummies
Dummies really are a godsend. I had planned on breastfeeding George so didn't plan on using a dummy but he was a baby that needed one and that's okay. It's comforting. You will lose many a dummy along the way though and they are not cheap!

E is for Exhausting
It goes out with saying that being a parent is exhausting, even when your baby sleeps through the night, it is still a none stop job. It only gets worse when they become mobile and you're continuously chasing them round.

F is for Fathers
Dads are important too! I guess this is one we mums can forget sometimes but Pete is a fab dad and we make a great team (most of the time anyway!)

G is for Grandparents
Like dads, grandparents are amazing aren't they? I don't know what I'd have done without my mum and dad when George was first born.

H is for Health Visitors
I'd heard many a horror story about health visitors during my pregnancy, but luckily, the ones I saw were really nice and we didn't have much to do with them. Don't believe everything you hear.

I is for Immunisations
There is absolutely nothing worse than seeing your baby be stabbed by a needle is truly heartbreaking, but rather that than them contract any nasty disease.

J is for Jumperoo
This was one of my favourite toys when George was younger and highly recommended! We had so much fun with this and George absolutely adored it.

K is for Kisses
And lots of them too! I'm sure George must be fed up of how much he gets kissed but I just can't help myself, he's too adorable.

L is for Learning
Watching your baby learn new things is one of the most precious things ever. Becoming a parent is a learning curve as well.

M is for Mummy
Of course this was going to be M. A title that will stay with you for the rest of your life, with great power comes great responsibility.

N is for Nappies
Whether you choose disposable or cloth nappies, you will change endless dirty bottoms. It's a dirty job but somebody has to do it (this is normally when I shout Pete to change the smelly ones).

O is for 'Oh Shoot'
Minding your Ps& Qs is one of the most important things that I tend to forget (but really need to be mindful of now George is learning to talk).

P is for Proud
You will never stop being proud of your child. Ever. I will brag about what George can do and it's not to show off it's because I'm so proud of him. He is one clever little boy!

Q is for Quiet Time 
It is easy for us to forget to take some time for ourselves when we become mummies, so it's nice to make the most of nap time. Read a book, check Facebook, have a cuppa tea, watch something on Netflix. We need something to keep us sane after all.

R is for Relaxing
You make the most of every opportunity you can to relax. Your personal time becomes precious to you. I can't even pee in peace these days so I lap up those quiet moments when I lock myself in the bathroom and have a long soak in the top.

S is for Safety First
You will spend so much time baby proofing your house and running round after your little one to keep them safe. Worrying comes with the territory.

T is for Teething
One of the most painful times for both you and your baby. Prepare for more sleepless nights and researching every remedy you can online!

U is for Undying Love
My heart bursts every time I look at George. It really is a love like no other. Sorry to be gushy but all you parents out there will know exactly what I'm talking about.

V is for Vomit
George was never a sicky baby but we did have a few incidents where he brought up a lot of his milk. Spare clothes in the changing bag and muslin cloths were a life saver for us!

W is for Weaning
Giving your baby tastes and textures can be fun and exciting but also frustrating when they don't want to eat. George has never really been a fussy eater until recently though but that's toddlers for you.

X is for eXercise
We run around. A lot. Whether it be in and out of the kitchen for multiple things, to clean up, to running up and down the living room.

Y is for Yellow Poo
Even worse when it projectiles on you!

Z is for Zzzzzz 
People who tell you to sleep when the baby sleeps might mean well, but when are you supposed to do all the other important things. You know, eat, have a hot cuppa tea, tidy up, wash bottles etc! It does get easier as they get older though. 

Rachael xo


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