Monday, 28 March 2016

The 90s Tag

Born in 1990, I was only young at this time but some of my favourite childhood memories are from this time. It's been a while since I did a tag post and when I saw Danielle over at Underland to Wonderland do this one I thought it'd be fun to do! 

1. Favourite Disney Film?
Mulan is  my favourite  Disney film. I remember going to see this in the cinema for my 8th birthday. I'll Make A Man Out Of You is still one of mine and my mum's favourite Disney songs today.

2. Favourite Music Artist?
I loved the Spice Girls, who didn't? I even went to see a tribute act when I was visiting family in the Isle of Man. My cousin and I met then and had a polaroid taken. I thought it was amazing.

3. Favourite Sweets?
I used to love those ABC sweets you got. Remember them? They were hard. I really don't know any other way of describing them. 

4. Favourite Game? (Board game / school game)
Cluedo was amazing, I played it so much that I got really good at it. I loved playing detective. Payday was another favourite. I used to have Disney Trivial Pursuit as well and the board was amazing. I wish I still had it.

5. Favourite McDonalds 'Happy Meal' Toy?
I can't say I really remember any of the Happy Meal toys. 

6. Favourite Book?
When I was a kid, I loved Enid Blyton books. The Faraway Tree stories were up there with my favourites, but I also read Mysteries over and over by her as well. 

7. Favourite Clothing Store?
I don't think I had one but I used to think all of the clothes in Tammy were really cool. Especially when I had leather pants and thought I looked like Rachel from Friends.

8. Favourite TV Show?
90s TV was amazing. I loved Kenan and Kel, Sabrina, Art Attack, Zzzap, Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Are You Afraid of the Dark, I could go on. I think we all loved these shows, am I right?

9. What Show Would You Watch After School?
All of the above! I was a CITV/ Nickelodeon kid.

10. What Was Your Favourite 90s Game Show?
Probably Wheel of Fortune or Catchphrase. I also loved Jungle Run but I think that might have been late 90s / early 00s

11. Did You Own A Virtual Pet? (Cyberpet, Tamagotchi etc)
I had a Tamagotchi and a really creepy, green Furby which ran out of batteries and it's half closed eyes used to freak me out.

12. Favourite Video Game and System To Play On?
Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Megadrive was amazing. I used to know the cheats to get on any level and defeating Dr Robotnik at the end of each level was triumphant. 

13. Weirdest Fashion Trend?
Do you remember the trousers with the built in skirt over the to? I used to LOVE these things paired with Spice Girl boots! 
14. Favourite Toy?
I loved Barbie. I had this pink Barbie camper van which I thought was the absolute best thing in the world. She had some amazing accessories. 

15. Favourite Nickelodeon Show?
It was definitely Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Even now I wish I could just point with my finger and magic things would happen. 

A little flashback to the 90s was really fun! I'm too lazy to tag people so if you do this tag, post a link in the comments so I can see your favourites from way back when.

Rachael xo


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