Thursday, 14 April 2016

That New Look Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are everywhere this Spring and I am so happy. I have wanted a bomber jacket for so long and ever since New Look posted a photo of this bomber jacket on their Instagram, I knew I had to snap it up straight away!  I am not normally one that would opt for anything pink at all, but I have recently started up a love affair with rose gold and have slowly started introducing pink into my wardrobe. 15 year old me would be so disappointed, but she need not worry because I will never betray black and grey. 

This is surprisingly versatile considering the colour and print. I went to Manchester at the weekend to see Funeral for a Friend play their last shows (sob) and sported this beauty both days. Above is how I would style this on a day to day basis, it just gives a plain outfit a little bit of something extra, I love how it makes jeans and Converse look so cute and no extra effort is required. Perfect for us mums who have to tackle getting somebody else ready

I also love how this can be dressed up for a night out - not that I ever wear a jacket for a night out, I'm Northern and we're hard. Normally I would never pair pastels with black but somehow this just works. 

I love the bomber so much, I want one in every colour. Even Pete said it was nice and he never compliments my clothes (all his taste is in his mouth).

How would you style this jacket?

Rachael xo


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