Saturday, 3 January 2015

Personal | New Year, New.. Whatever

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After months of looking at gorgeous bloggers and their gorgeous pastel hair and longing for my own, I decided it was about time I got my own. I mentioned previously about ditching my natural ginger hair (read me), after deciding I was nowhere near brave enough to bleach my own hair, I only went and bought myself a wig.

After recommendation from a friend I went for a browse on Geisha Wigs, their range of wigs is absolutely amazing. I scrolled through pages and pages of beautiful wigs and kept coming back to the same pink one, so I took the plunge and added Dusky Pink to my basket. I placed my order on Boxing Day and I was wearing it NYE! (I'm unsure on how quickly it arrived because I had it send to my mum's house).  I'm no expert on wigs, but it's so thick and swooshy, it even come with adjustable straps inside so if it's too big, you can tighten it. Fancy, I know.

It too much deliberation on whether I would actually be brave enough to wear it outside the house, but yesterday, I did it. I went to my local town centre to get a few boots and wore my wig with pride. I didn't get as many dodgy looks as I thought I would, so I'm classing that as a win! I've even purchased my second wig from them! I'm excited to see what I'll look like with dark hair and a full fringe.

Whilst I was in town I got my septum pierced. Wow, it hurt so much! I've wanted it done for a while but I've never been brave enough because I just knew how painful it would be. It will be worth it when it's healed though. My family think I'm going through a mid twenties crisis with my wig and piercing! I was just bored of the way I looked and fancied a change, so here it is!

What do you think of my wig? Would you ever wear one?


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