Saturday, 10 January 2015

Life Lately | What I've Been Up To

It feels like I blinked and missed the whole month of December, from our annual trip to the Trafford Centre, to last minute Christmas shopping, wrapping presents and visits from family. I was never happier than when Christmas Day came around, I could open my presents, go to my mum's for lunch and just relax! New Year rolled around just as fast, George had his final set of needles until he's 12 months (is there a worse experience?) This meant my Life Lately post has come extremely late this time around, but I really wanted to share what life has dealt me over these past few weeks.

Nine days into 2015 and I've already made quite a few changes in my life. For a while now, I've felt like have been stuck in a rut, from the clothes I wear, to my makeup and hair. Instead of moping about it, like I have done, I made the decision to change that. I bought a wig (seriously, best thing I've ever bought - I love my pink hair and the fact my own hair has been left undamaged), and after eight years of having my lip pierced, I took it out and changed it up with a brand new septum piercing. For the first time in forever breaks out into Frozen songs I am quite happy with my face! 

Another thing I want to change is my weight, I mentioned in my Goals for 2015 post (read me) that I was going to make the effort to eat more healthily. I've eaten fast food twice this week, something I am not proud of and I know it is not the way to go to tone up and slim down. Before I met Pete, I was very slim, I could eat what I wanted and didn't need to exercise, however, in February, I'm going to be 25 and I need to treat my body with a hell of a lot more respect. In light of this, I've made the very grown up decision to join Buggy Fitness, a way to get fit and no babysitter is required. Score! The idea of exercising in public terrifies me, but if I do not join up, I know I will not exercise at home on my own. Although I did go on a 4 mile walk with George this week, I know, get me. 

I also gave my little blog a little makeover and she's all grown up now. I'm pretty impressed with the changes I've made and I am hoping to expand my little space on the internet with my new brand. Fingers crossed! 

This month I've been loving:

Album: 1989 - Taylor Swift
TV: Celebrity Big Brother (don't judge)
Nails: Ciate - Fade to Greige
Makeup: Makeup Revolution - Flawless Palette

How had 2015 treated you so far?

Rachael xo


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