Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Ways to Make 2015 Count

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts (read me), 2014 really was the year it all came together. From getting pregnant, to buying a house and landing myself that permanent job I had been hunting for. Like I mentioned in that post 2013 was rough and I did struggle to stay positive, when bad things strike one after the other, how can you possible stay happy and focus on the good things? People would always tell me "things will only get better" and "2014 will be your year" to the point where I was so sick of hearing and of course I refused to believe it. They were right, things did get better and here's a little pick me up for those of you who had a really rough 2014. Here are my tips to ensure you have the best year:

Don't Compare Yourself to Others
With social media playing a massive role in our lives, it is so hard to not compare yourself to someone else! This is especially hard when you see someone having a really good day when you're having a really shitty one. We forget that others only share their good bits and their amazing selfies. How many selfies do you take before posting the best one? I wouldn't dream of posting a photo of my messy living room or a picture of me in my pjs (frequent occurrences). Which brings me to my next point. 

Take a Break from Social Media
With so many different ways to share snippets of our life, it is so easy to get caught up in our friends, family, bloggers and even celebrities' lives. You should focus on yourself rather than what other people are doing. Put your phone down or your laptop away, read a book, tidy your house, dance around in your underwear. 

Pamper Yourself
This is the best thing you can possibly do. 2013 was crap for me, so much to the point where I didn't even want to take care of myself. Don't neglect your body. Have a bath, put a face mask on, paint your nails and preen, preen, preen. Treat yourself to that dress you've been eying up. You really will feel better for it!

Don't Let Rejection Define You
If you are in the process of looking for a job, do not get disheartened by the rejection letters or lack of. With the economy in the state that it is at the moment, there could be hundreds of applicants for that same job you applied for. For example, 600 people once applied for a job and only 12 people were selected for interview. The only reason I got an interview because I did some temporary work there through an agency. If you have an unsuccessful interview, ask for feedback so you can improve. Look at it this way, if you don't get this job, it's probably for a reason and is setting you up for something better. 

Get Out the House
If moving away from my friends and family (okay it was only 10 miles, but it still counts) taught me anything, it was to not sit in the house wallowing. I probably spend the majority of my time moping around the house while Pete encouraged me to do things. At the time I'd wave them off, but looking back it's one of my biggest regrets. Your mind can run away with you when you're home alone so do something to take your mind off what is troubling you. I know since I've moved closer to friends and family again, I spend a lot more time with them and out of the house. It stops me from going insane while I'm on maternity leave! 

Here's to 2015. Make it a good one!

Rachael xo


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