Friday, 5 December 2014

Tag | My Life in Letters

A is for Assertive
Pete might use the word bossy, but I prefer assertive. I know what I want, and how I want it done. You have to be assertive to get things done! 

B is for Birkenhead
It's this little town in which I live. After living in Liverpool for two years, I've moved back home after Peter and I bought our first home together here.

C is for Christmas
Christmas is my favourite time of year, I love everything about it. The smells, the films, the cold weather, the Christmas fashion. 

D is for Drama Queen
This sums me up in two words. Drama. Queen. If I fall over, I'm dying. If it's a little bit cold outside, it might as well be the North Pole.

E is for Eating
I love food! I'm not a particularly fussy eater, and I can eat fast and loads. I probably shouldn't eat as much as I do, especially considering I'm always shovelling crisps in my mouth. 

F is for Family
I have a big family and we're really close knit, it's great (most of the time) and since I've moved back to my home town and had George, I get to see them a lot more which is nice. Although, I might have to start pretending I'm not home because they're always popping by! (Kidding, kidding!)

G is for George
George is my 12 week old baby boy. He is my whole world. He's the most perfect little baby in the entire world (of course I'm biased) but the's beautiful and such a good little boy. Okay, I'll stop gushing now.

H is for Home
As I said, Peter and I have just bought our first house together and it's all very grown up. After years of renting and staring at vile flower wallpaper, we've finally been able to put our stamp on somewhere. I've loved being able to decorate and there's nothing I love more than picking up new bits for the home.

I is for Impatient? Iphone?
I'm pretty addicted to my iPhone, it's really bad, I'm constantly playing games and scrolling through social media or texting. I need to make a conscious effort to put it down more.

J is for Jegz 
I have the most unfortunate nickname ever! Jeggins, Jegz for short. When jeggings first came out (yes the clothes), I thought it was the funniest word ever (it was a long time ago okay) and put Jeggins as my middle name on Facebook. It stuck.

K is for Kisses
I love a good kiss, I think it's always important to give your loved ones a kiss whenever you say bye. I always smooch George's face loads, but I have to because in a few years he isn't going to want to give kisses!

L is for Lazy Days
There is nothing I like best than spending the day in my cosy house, in my pjs, drinking tea and watching films or TV shows on Netflix. I don't really like leaving the house much.

M is for Music
Music plays a big part of my life (cliche? oh well), I love going to gigs and watching my favourite bands play live. I love musical theatre as well and I'm always singing to show tunes.

N is for Nail Varnish
I have a slight obsession with nail varnish and must own about 100. I can't say I wear them all but I have slowed down purchasing any for a while. I probably change my nail colour every other day.

O is for "Oh Ay"
Probably the thing I say the most, is it a Scouse thing or a Northern thing? Please let me know in the comment below if you know this expression!

P is for Pete
Pete is my future husband the father of my baby boy, so I suppose it's only right I include him in this tag (just kidding Pete, of course you were going to be here).

Q is for Quite Loud
I talk so loud, I don't really mean to, I just do. Pete always tells me off for being noisy, but I can't help myself. My family are all quite loud as well though so it must be in the genes.

R is for Reading
I love getting lost in a good book, but since George has been born I haven't had the chance to read anything new. I've got a reading the list as long as my arm at the moment.

S is for Series
Since we got Netflix, I've watched so many series and I'm a serial watcher. I managed to watch all six seasons of Ru Paul's Drag Race in approximately two weeks. (It was at the start of my maternity leave in my defence).

T is for Tea
I drink gallons of the stuff. Okay, I might be being a tad dramatic, but there's nothing a good cup of tea can't solve.

U is for Untidy
I hate tidying up, I really hate it. Since I've had George I have tried my very best to tidy up more and be more organised because you have to when you've had a baby. But never expect my house to be immaculate if you come round to visit.

V is for Victoria Sponge 
The best cake ever, I have such a sweet tooth and Victoria Sponge is my favourite. I love the mini ones you can get from Greggs.

W is for Wicked
Wicked is my all time favourite musical ever. I wish I was rich and had a time machine so I could go back and see it on Broadway with Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth.

X is for X Factor
This year I've been really into X Factor. Stevi was my favourite but he;s gone now and I'm truly devastated! I wouldn't say it was a massive part of my life but give me some slack, X was a hard letter.

Y is for Year 2014
Those who know me personally know that 2013 was a pretty shitty year for me and everybody said "2014 will be your year" and they were right. I landed myself a permanent job, bought my first house and had my first baby. It's been a massive whirlwind!

Z is for Zzzzz
Okay, I stole this one from Natalie at youralmostalice but who doesn't love snoozing? I hate getting out of bed and cuddles in my bed with my boys is my favourite.

What is your life in letters?


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