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Personal | The Year Everything Came Together

Being proposed to at Radstock 2013 during The Blackout's set. x
If you read my blog, you may have noticed I've mentioned how 2013 was a pretty shitty year for me, but I've never really gone into the reason for this. Okay, I got engaged, it was pretty awesome, but that was probably the only good thing that happened. After moving into a gorgeous apartment, we found out the landlady was selling and had to move six months after moving in. I was devastated because I absolutely loved that apartment! After months and months of working for an agency, doing temporary jobs, I found a permanent job working for the Yellow Duckmarine (scousers, you know what this is), which was also short lived because one of the boats sunk during my time there. Peter and I moved out of the city centre to a house 10 minutes away by train, which was all well and good but it was 10 miles away from my mum and dad, which meant, although close to the city centre, I felt really isolated. Then I was diagnosed with poly cystic ovaries (PCOS) meaning it would be harder to conceive (Peter and I were trying for a baby). All this was on top of looking for more work. I got stuck in the temping rut all over again and needless to say, I was feeling pretty fucking low.

Me and my precious little man
New Year's Eve came and went, I was back at work in the temporary job, doing late shifts (13:00 - 21:00), I hated it. I complained to my mum about having sore boobs (I never get sore boobs) and she advised me to take a pregnancy test, which I shrugged off because I honestly thought it was going to take forever, as I had not long started to take the medication I was put on because of my PCOS. Some part of me thought I should just do it, so I decided to take a test. The results weren't appearing (it was late at night and the tests were cheap hospital ones from my mum) so I went to bed, taking the pregnancy test with me. 

The next day I woke up, of course the first thing I did was check the pregnancy test, not expecting anything and I got the biggest shock of my life to see it was positive! I woke Pete up crying and shouting "I NEED ANOTHER PREGNANCY TEST!" He didn't even know I'd taken a test so he was confused to say the least. I rang my mum, there were tears. We went the doctors. My mum met us after our appointment, there were more tears. 2014 definitely started off with a bang! 

George and Georgia
After the baby news, Peter and I decided we were going to buy a house and move closer to my family (it made sense) and things just started falling into place! We found a house round the corner from my mum, which was really lovely and well loved if not a bit old fashioned and not really to our taste. It was perfect, we had the opportunity to make the house into a home. After years of renting and not being able to decorate, it was great to put our stamp on somewhere. We also found out as well as becoming parents, we were going to become an auntie and uncle to the gorgeous Georgia. I also gained a new baby cousin, when my uncle had his first baby, Charlie. Lots of babies! I'm so glad because now George has two cousins his age to play with. 

Mark and Charlie
I found myself a full time job, which was a massive weight off my shoulders. Even though I was pregnant, everybody there was so supportive and the stress of finding work was no more. After two years of agency work and temporary jobs it was definitely a relief. I could finally be part of a team (even though I went on maternity leave not long after starting). 

I also got rid of some poison in my life this year. It's so important to have people in your life who are genuinely happy for you and there for you when you need it. It was the best decision I have ever made and I certainly never looked back. If you surround yourself with negative people, it will effect you. I would highly recommend it to any of you who have got a friend that just brings you down all the time to get rid of them. Yes, it sounds heartless but you will feel better for it in the end. 

Being back in my home town means I get to see a lot more of my family and friends too which is brilliant. It's so nice just having people pop in for a cuppa and being able to just nip round to my mum's or my nan's without a 20 minute train journey and a week of planning! 

To sum it up, 2014 has been pretty amazing for me! I'm not entirely sure 2015 will be able to top it off, but we have a lot of firsts to look forward to with George and a wedding to plan to keep us busy! 

How did your 2014 pan out?


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