Friday, 19 December 2014

Friday Favourites | #004

With the run up to Christmas, most people choose to wrap presents, finish their Christmas shopping and relax at home. Not me! I've been to celebrate Pete's grandad's 95th birthday, then two days after that, my gorgeous friend, Jessica, came to stay for three days, so I've been busy! Today I finally did finish my last few bits of Christmas shopping. I thought by starting early (August to be precise) I would have avoided this rush, but alas, no. I now just have a few bits to wrap and I am actually done and god am I looking forward to it. 

Here's what has made me smile this week:

Geoge finally wore his little monkey out fit knitted by his Nanny Sue which is just super cute, even if if it a little bit big for him at the moment. I think he looks cute as a button and I love the fact that it's a one off! 

I was reunited with this little babe after three years (I know, we're terrible). We gossiped, drank wine and watched the Labyrinth. It was lovely to catch up with her, I didn't want her to leave. Jessica also got some good news regarding her health when she got home, so I was made up to say the least.

George and I had cuddles in bed and watched TV together (he stared at the computer while I watched Revenge more like). It's something we never do and I just really loved it. He's a gorgeous little thing isn't he?

After a long, long week, I unwinded with a glass of wine in the bath. There's not much more to say about this apart from that it was much needed. I listened to a lot of Taylor Swift too (I know, I've surprised myself). 

Are you ready for Christmas?


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