Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2014 | A Summary

I know I've harpered on about how good 2014 has been but I just wanted to summarise my 2014 with a list of my favourite things from the year. 

Favourite Song:
Probably Shake it Off by T Swift, I know, I know, it's just so catchy.

Favourite Album: 
Taylor Swift - 1989. Such a good album and I'm not normally a fan of Taylor either! (There's a theme here isn't there?)

Favourite Gig: 
Watching Funeral for a Friend play Hours in full in Leeds University this year was pretty awesome. My favourite band and one of my favourite albums. Perfect. 

Favourite Restaurant:
Almost Famous - eating burgers topped with pulled pork and loads of chilli cheese fries is my all time favourite thing to do.

Favourite Fashion Trend:
I've loved pastels this year which is surprising because I hate colour! Especially pastels, but this year I've become a massive fan of them. Even throughout Winter.

Favourite Beauty Product:
I've been loving my eye palettes from Makeup Revolution. Give Them Nightmares is amazing.\

Favourite Clothing Item:
Tweed coat from Primark

Favourite Nail Varnish:
Chilli by Barry M (it's such a gorgeous shade)

Favourite TV Show:
Revenge didn't come out in 201, but I've just started watching it and I love it.

Favourite Moment: 
Of course George being born was the most perfect thing that happened to me ever, so it was bound to be my favourite moment!

What are your 2014 favourites?

Rachael xo


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