Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas | My Christmas Traditions

With the stress of buying, wrapping and organising presents being over (I got my last two presents yesterday) I feel I can finally enjoy the festive season! I saw this Christmas Traditions post over on Alex at Sweet Dreams and thought what a lovely festive post so of course I thought I'd share my own.

I've said this many times, but Winter is my all time favourite season (it's the hair and pale skin). December is probably my favourite month because I love the build up to Christmas. As soon as December comes around, our Christmas tree goes up, the Christmas candles come out and of course, I start watching every Christmas movie ever! 

Ever since I can remember, my family and I have visited the Trafford Centre during the second week of December. We have breakfast, do a bit of shopping, go to the cinema, eat ice cream, have lunch, followed by more shopping. We always get a little present while we're there as well, it's really cute. This year was our last year though, as Peter and I have George now so we want to create our own traditions.

I normally wrap all my Christmas presents watching Christmas films and drinking hot chocolate. I like to start my shopping as early as possible because I hate shopping in crowds! This year, I started early as August! Yikes! I did most of my shopping in November this year and saved my wrapping until December. You need to save some of the normal Christmassy stuff right?

On Christmas Eve, we have a bath and get into our brand new Christmas Eve pyjamas, my mum normally makes soup so we have home made soup and tiger rolls. It's amazing. After that, we watch a Christmas film on DVD. I never sleep well on Christmas Eve because I'm a big kid at heart, and when Christmas morning comes around, I'm the first up. I wake my brothers up, we wake our parents up and go downstairs, my mum always goes down first and we follow. She always says "has he been?" and we go into the living room to see all our presents. Breakfast comes after present opening. We have Christmas lunch in my mum's followed by trifle. Oh trifle. I don't eat in order to prepare myself for the massive lunch. 

This year, everything is going to change because we have our little man, so even though I haven't lived at home for almost three years, I'll be spending my first Christmas Eve away from home. I'm sad to leave my old traditions behind, but so excited to start creating new ones with my boys.

What are your Christmas Traditions?


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