Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Personal | Taking Stock

I recently read this Taking Stock post on Lojo Vs The World's blog and really enjoyed seeing what she was currently up to! I thought I'd give it a go myself, so here's what I am currently:

Enjoying: George's first Christmas and getting ready for the big day
Listening: To a lot of Christmas songs, mostly Michael Buble's Christmas album in fact
Wearing: Knitwear and leggings. Oh and my amazing bargain boots from New Look
Making: A mess of the house after wrapping presents
Cooking: I don't cook, Pete does, but the last thing I made was pasta
Drinking: Tea and Diet Coke. I don't think I go a day without Diet Coke
Feeling: Very festive, I can't wait for Christmas
Reading: the only reading I get time to do these days is other blogs. I miss having a good book!
Looking: For an outfit for George's Christening
Wishing: My bedroom wasn't such a mess, I really need to tidy it
Liking: Seeing a lot more of my family
Waiting: To go and view wedding venues
Snacking: Chocolate and crisps. I'm naughty
Coveting: A new pair of Jeffrey Campbells
Hearing: Michael Buble singing Holly Jolly Christmas
Watching: Christmas films and Revenge (it's dead good)
Admiring: All of the rich people in Revenge and wishing I had that much money without the drama
Playing: Words with Friends, I'm addicted
Getting: More blog inspiration every day
Wondering: Where are we going to get married? 
Noticing: All the little cute things George does, he's pretty cute
Giggling: At Pete. He's being really silly these days, think the festive spirit has finally arrived
Bookmarking: Toys for George - no longer am I lusting over clothes and shoes
Deciding: To move my blog in a different direction (more on that later) 
Hoping: I get another girls night out soon, either before or after Christmas
Contemplating: On what cake I want for George's Christening
Wanting: To spend more time with Pete, he's been working loads recently
Thinking: About how cute Christmas day is going to be in our new home
Knowing: This year has been perfect from day 3


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