Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Beauty | Ditching the Ginge

All my life, I've been stopped by people in the street to admire my hair. See, not only am I a natural ginge, but my hair is naturally really, really curly. It's usually the talk of the town (okay, slight exaggeration). When I was younger (about 4 years old) people would ask if it was permed! Seriously.

Strangers always approach me and the first thing they will ask is "is that your natural hair colour" proceeded with, "it's gorgeous, don't ever dye it!" Well thanks stranger, but I really didn't ask for your advise.  

I was once stopped by a bunch of people at a bus stop who were complimenting my hair and one woman said "I remember you, I've seen you before, I love your hair, it's fabulous!" Stalker much? I'm kidding, sometimes it's nice for strangers to compliment you and give you a bit of an ego boost. 

During my teenage years, I went through a few bad home dye jobs where I went red and brown. Nobody ever told me that ginger hair is a nightmare to dye and doesn't take to colour well, so yes, I still had tinges of ginge. When I'd had enough of the colour and the upkeep, I decided to go au natural by growing out the colour. It took so long, but when I was finally back to my natural colour, I felt an overwhelming sense of achievement. Yes, I did it! I was ginge again.

Being a ginger kid was never easy, from names like "ginger pubes" (yep, nice one Kevin and Perry, to questions like "do the curtains match the drapes" and even the obvious "ginger" (yep, thanks mate, was unaware what colour my hair was). Each of these remarks were met with a simple "fuck off!" It's pretty safe to say, without sounding too cliche, being ginger has made me who I am today. Without being picked on, I probably wouldn't be so outspoken and able to stand up for myself. 

Now I've come to the point where I'm bored of my hair again! I see pictures of gorgeous bloggers with gorgeous pastel hair and I want that. The idea of bleaching my hair terrifies me, the thought of growing it out to become natural again terrifies me even more, I just want a change, but what? 

What do you think, shall I brave it or "never dye it" as I've been told a million times by the original strangers in the street.


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