Monday, 8 December 2014

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After reading Giovanna Fletcher's most recent blog post about Mummy Talk, I realised how right she is!  Being a first time mum is hard. Don't get me wrong, George is perfect and I'm very, very lucky to have such a well behaved baby, but there are days when I don't manage to get any house work done, and just about manage to eat a sandwich. Pete has been working long hours recently, meaning I've been spending a lot of time on my own with George. Gi's right, it CAN be lonely, it can be daunting and you do question your actions all the time. There is no right and wrong way! 

I'm blessed in the fact that all my family are very local and pretty much baby experts, meaning if I need them, they're a phone call or a 10 minute walk away. However, I don't want to find myself relying on them too much. 

I'm also blessed that George sleeps right through of a night, feeds really well and is generally a happy little man. I do love being a mum, there is no better feeling, despite the exhaustion and the fact you no longer have any time to yourself.

Apart from my family, I don't really speak to any other mums. The reason for this? I don't know any! Of course I know mums, but I don't have many friends who are mums. Peter is always trying to encourage me to take George to a few classes which I've always dismissed, but now I feel inspired to take George out and meet new people. 

Now that we've finally found our own little routine, after Christmas, I am going to start taking George to Aqua Tots and a few local classes. It will be a nice change of scenery from our usual shopping trips and it will be lovely to have a little natter with other mums.

Are you a new parent? Do you attend any mums and babies groups?


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