Thursday, 6 November 2014

Winter Warmer | Gingerbread Latte

With Halloween and Bonfire Night out of the way, it's finally time for Christmas right? I finally took down my Halloween decorations  today and started listening to Christmas songs. I love the build up to Christmas, it's never too early to get in the spirit. Red cup season has officially started, but who wants to pay £4 every time they get a craving for a gingerbread latte? 

That's where Nescafe have come to our rescue! I'm not normally a coffee drinker, it's tea all the way for me, but I'm partial to a flavoured coffee every now and then. When I saw these boxes in my local supermarket, I thought I'd give them a try! They really are great, and £1.50 for 8 sachets is pretty good going! Just add boiling water and hey presto, homemade(ish) gingerbread latte.

I added cream and cinnamon to make it that extra bit special, and there you have it.

Will you be trying these this Christmas?


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