Sunday, 24 August 2014

Lifestyle | What's in my Bag?

I've been wanting to do this post for ages but have just been far too lazy to take photos, terrible I know! Now normally, I'm a big bag person, I love big bags, but since being pregnant I've had to downsize and found a love for all things satchel! I purchased a grey one from eBay a few months ago to help me stop carrying so much crap about with me. I recently went shopping with my nan when I spotted this gorgeous mint green satchel in a shop window, she only went back two days later and bought it for me. 

Anyway, here are a few items I carry around with my daily:

My phone and house keys, because let's face it, they're the two main essential things you should have with you before you leave the house. My keys are on a lanyard because I used to have a habit of forgetting where my keys were and constantly being locked out. This solved my issue, plus they're really easy to find inside my bag! I should probably tidy them up a bit as they're really messy, but I don't want to break a nail on those horrible keyrings.

Makeup for touch ups throughout the day. I hate carrying loads of makeup round with me, so I just have the basics in my bag, a bit of powder with a mirror, a cream stick blusher (no need for brushes), lipbalm and lipstick of course, and a nail file for any emergency breaks! 

Hand sanitiser and body spray to keep fresh.  This bacterial gel is from Bath and Body Works in America and smells absolutely divine, you can find them on eBay. This body spray is from Avon and is bloody gorgeous, it's everything you want in a body spry during the hot, sticky weather. It's a fresh exotic scent with notes of Tahitian Tiare Flower, but I think it just smells like coconut. The smell lasts for ages and it's just what you need to freshen up. 

What's in your bag?



  1. That bag is so cute, where is it from?
    I hate my big bag but whenever I get a small bag I always miss my big bags.. I also keep my keys on a lanyard too but I use my lanyard for my entry card for work as well so I don't loose that either :) // ♥

    1. It's from a little bag shop in the town I'm from. I bought a grey one which is practically identical from eBay though, just search satchel on there and LOADS come up. I'm not one for small bags myself, but these have converted me and they fit loads in as well without being too bulky xx