Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Bump and I | Baby Shower

On Sunday, I had my baby shower. My mum and dad worked pretty hard at making the whole day simply perfect for me. My mum decorated the whole house in banners, balloons and home made bunting. She even made me the biggest nappy cake I've ever seen, it's so cute, I don't want to take it apart, but given it has 140 nappies inside it, I have no choice! 

My extremely talented dad made a baby shower cake, complete with stork and a baby with ginger hair. as well as some gorgeous cupcakes, which were pretty fantastic. 

I made some mocktails for guests on arrival and we played some amazing games throughout the day. My favourite was The Great Sperm Race! You had to pin the sperm to the egg whilst blindfolded, absolutely hysterical. I don't know how I got pregnant since my sperm went nowhere near the egg! My nan even had an eptopic pregnancy as hers was in the fallopian tube! The day went absolutely nowhere and I was sad when everybody left, but I was a little bit relieved because I was exhausted. Baby Walker was absolutely spoilt rotten and we received some of the most adorable gifts! Peter and I are very lucky to have such amazing family and friends (excuse the gushing!) 

I'm very ready to have this little baby in my arms now! Only 24 days to go - not long at all, it's very exciting.  We're just preparing for our new addition by bringing all our baby stuff to our house which my mum and dad have kindly been storing for us. 


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