Friday, 22 August 2014

Family | A Trip to the (Pleasure) Beach

On Wednesday the whole family went on a day trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. They all had wristbands for the rides, whilst I minded the bags all day - the pregnant lady missed out on all the fun. I still had a fab day though and it was worth it to spend the day together and it was great seeing everybody enjoying themselves! 

We booked our tickets online so saved some money on entry, the only downside was the queue when we got there, it was absolutely massive! It was to be expected though, especially as the weather was lovely and it's the Summer holidays. Hands up to the staff though, they were really efficient and the queue went down pretty quickly.

As soon as we arrived, the Grand National was due to open, the big wooden rollercoaster were you race, so everyone queued up for that whilst I parked myself on a bench and people watched. My little brother came off it feeling quite sick and refused to go on anymore rides for the rest of the day (he gets his drama queen behaviour from his big sister ha!) 

After a few more rides, we left the park to go for some lunch. We had fish and chips in a little cafe outside the Pleasure Beach and it was so good! I love a good chippy. Cannot beat fish, chips and mushy peas.  They also had donuts and candy floss and I wasn't allowed any candy floss because my mum and Pete wouldn't let me, you wouldn't think I was 24!

We strolled back to the Pleasure Beach for more fun and rides, we spent some time in Nickelodeon Land which was amazing! Everywhere was bright orange and full of characters. I definitely recommend you go there, even if it is full of kids. You 90s kids will definitely appreciate it.

Pete, my mum, dad and brother, Christopher, all queued for the Tango Ice Blast whilst Harry, Elliot and I chilled on some benches for a while. When they went on the ride, we went to watch them from the side and Pete's face was hysterical, I don't think I've ever seen him so nervous! Even better when they came off, he was white as a ghost. Poor lad isn't a fan of big rides, his face really was a picture. The quote of the day was from Harry (he's 9) "oh ay, all that waiting just for that." They queued for about half an hour for a two minute ride, so his statement was pretty accurate. 

We hoped all the walking would encourage Baby W to make an appearance, but however, we were let down! I made sure I got some fudge and cinder toffee to take home (especially since I wasn't allowed candy floss). 

I know a lot of people think Blackpool is tacky (I'm not going to lie, it totally is) and while it's not the nicest location to visit, it's really good seaside fun for a family day out!

Have you been to Blackpool recently?


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