Thursday, 5 March 2015

Life Lately | What I've Been Up To

I have mostly been feeling uninspired to blog this past month and the best thing for me was to take an unintentional break. My Bloglovin' feed was neglected to the point I had 500 posts to catch up on but I have been enjoying the time to myself and my little boy with none of the pressure to write and comment on blogs. I go back to work next month, meaning I've been cramming lots of activities with George in to make the most of him before I have to go back! 

We got our little boy Christened on the 15th February so a lot of time was taken up with the organisation of that. This was such a stressful time, making invitations, sending them out, organising a caterer, organising a (no show) DJ etc. I can honestly say, I never want to plan another event again! 

George is now rolling over and eating three meals a day, so a lot of my time has been spent rolling him onto his back again. He hasn't quite mastered rolling from his tummy to his back and he cries because he's stuck. I have been willing him to roll over for weeks and now he's started, I want him to stay still again. God help me when he starts crawling! 

On Sunday, we went for brunch at Leaf on Bold Street (that's in Liverpool for all you none locals) and it was great to get out the house and do something together as a family. I had a full English breakfast which was really nice and their specialty teas are pretty great too. I can't remember the names of either of the green teas I had (how useless am I?) but they were both so good. 

My parents are both off work this week so they offered to take George out for the day so I packed his over night bag, dropped him off and got ready for a date night with Pete. We went to this restaurant, Death Row Diner. You know, another one of those hipster, burger places. The food was alright, but I much prefer Almost Famous. I only wish I'd taken the camera with me so I could do a full review which I had every intention of doing, but it was nice to have the night off together so I'm kind of glad I never took it. 

This month I've been loving:

Album: I'll Keep You in Mind From Time to Time - Mooseblood
TV: Pretty Little Liars 
Nails: Barry M - Eat my Dust
Makeup: Anastasia Beverly Hills - Dip Brow Pomade

Rachael xo


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