Saturday, 14 March 2015

20 Things I Would Like This Mother's Day

Tomorrow marks the day of my first Mother's Day! I am so excited and I know Pete has put a lot of thought into gifts for me but when I saw Kerry at Oh So Amelia's post about what she would really like this Mother's Day, I could relate and thought I'd do my own! George is my world and I love my life, I love how his smile can light up the room and how he will babble away. However, being a mum is hard, you literally do not stop all day!

1. A lie in (number one on Kerry's list and certainly number one on mine too!) 

2. To drink a cup of tea before it goes cold. 

3. George to fall asleep in his chair rather than on my knee so I don't get pins and needles in my arm.

4. To watch one TV show without George shouting over it or crying because he wants to play.

5. To have a song stuck in my head that isn't the theme from the Jumperoo. 

6. Not to have to wash and sterilise bottles.

7. A day to myself to read a book.

8. To give myself a proper manicure and pedicure.

9. To be able to put my makeup on without George crying (I don't think he likes my eyebrows). 

10. To straighten and curl my hair so I look presentable. 

11. Not to have to do any laundry.

12. Not to feed George mushy purees whilst trying desperately not to get any on his clothes (oh the stains).

13. To be able to eat a meal guilt free without George watching my every move.

14. To not have to clean up sick and poopy nappies. 

15. Not to have to roll George onto his back again once he has rolled over because he is stuck.

16. To keep my glasses on my face without George pulling them off.

17. Not to have my hair pulled and face grabbed.

18. To leave the room without a tiny person being really sad and crying for me to come because he is lonely.

19. To make and eat my lunch without it going cold. 

20. For George to let me play on my iPad/ iPhone without trying to grab it off me.

What would you like this Mother's Day?

Rachael xo


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