Thursday, 12 March 2015

Throwback Thursday

This morning, Peter took George downstairs and gave him breakfast while I spent some time relaxing in bed and let me tell you how nice it was to just chill of a morning. Whilst scrolling through Instagram and seeing photos of all the gorgeous newborns on my feed, I got so jealous and nostalgic for George's newborn days. This week, my baby turned six months and while I am loving each and every new milestone, I miss having a tiny little newborn baby. At 9lb 14oz, George was never really tiny but compared to what he is I can say that.

George did not stay newborn for long, he had uncurled within his first two weeks and all of a sudden he looked like a proper little baby rather than a squishy little newborn. He would guzzle bottles every three hours, sleep all the time and we would be like zombies after the night feeds. At eight weeks though, he started sleeping right through and it was amazing. 

At six months, George can now roll over and is always on the move. He will not stay still, he will jump if you stand him up and throw himself forward when he is sitting in your knee. He is reaching out for toys, grabbing people's hair, glasses, jewellery, anything he can get his hands on really. He is on solid foods and will try and grab your food out your hands too! He's a growing boy, what can I say? He is a lot more demanding than a newborn, but I appreciate the extra hours of sleep I get of a night, his laughs, the way he smiles of a morning when we wake up, the cooing and babbling and of course the way he reaches out for people. 

Even though I miss those early days with our little man, I wouldn't have him any other way now and I'm really excited for the many more milestones to come.

Rachael xo


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