Wednesday, 18 February 2015

George at 5 Months

I wrote this post at the start of February and have been planning to get it up for ages, but life has just passed by, so it's a little bit late, but hey ho, better late than never right?

How has another whole month just slipped right past? January, you were dreary and unwelcome, but I am welcoming February with open arms, with George's Christening coming up and of course my birthday, how can I not be excited? 

Last month, I introduced you all formally to my pride and joy, George now here we are again! Time is passing us so quickly and it only seems like yesterday that he was newborn, so small and delicate. Though I miss those days (he slept a lot) I appreciate every day more and more, watching George progress through each baby milestone fascinates me. He is learning so much every day and he always surprises me with how clever his little brain his! 

Towards the end of January, my baby started teething and it is the worst experience ever. Bright red cheeks, gums hard as rocks and many tears have been had from both of us. We've relied heavily on teething powder and lots of fun games to take his mind off things and I cannot wait for his first tooth to finally come through to relieve him slightly. I wish I could take the pain away from him, I feel so sorry for him. Imagine having toothache all the time? 

George is also on the verge of rolling over, he can get onto his side, but then gets stuck. Every time he gets close to being on his tummy, my heart skips a beat, but he's like "just kidding" and rolls onto his back again. Our neighbours must think we have a new dog for all the times they just hear "come on, roll over." I know as soon as he starts I'm going to regret wishing for this because he will just be moving all the time, he's wiggly enough as it is. 

Update: George rolled over for the first time yesterday (17/02/15).

I took George swimming for the first time this month too. It is something I have been meaning to do for weeks but have never got round to it. To help take his mind off his toothy pain, we took a walk into out local town centre where I purchased a swimming costume and swimming nappies. We booked our session online the night before and I had butterflies in my tummy as I hit purchase. Luckily George loves the bath so I knew he would be fine in the water, but I just didn't know what to expect. I had nothing to worry about, the class was free play with toys in the water and nursery rhymes on the speakers. George loved it and I adored watching him kick and splash, he even had the opportunity to go in his tummy which he's unable to do in the bath. After 45 minutes he was pretty exhausted so we got out and as soon as I dried him and dressed him, he was flat out. Result!

"Dada" has become the most used word in our house, George can now say it (even though he isn't necessarily talking to his dada) so we constantly try to get him to say it. I am now in competition with Peter however, as I want George to say mama, so it's a battle between parents! They never say mama first and after all we do for them as well!

As well as the teething, rolling over, swimming and talking, we have started introducing George to solid foods. Yes, the guidelines are 6 months but he was a heavy birth weight and a he is a hungry boy. He quite likes banana, baby rice and porridge but hates sweet potato! I think I need to expand on my cooking skills for sure. I have made apple purée though which I was quite excited about, but we haven't tried it yet, I am excited for that one. 

George has also started to learn to sit up, he is doing really well, I'm a very proud mum! He's very advanced for his age (shame he gets his brains from his dad and not from me!) So that's George at 5 months and not to wish his life away but I can't wait to see his 6 month milestones!

Rachael xo


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