Monday, 30 December 2013

Instagram | The Christmas Edit

So I made the big decision to leave Wordpress and move my blog to Blogger. Using the lovely Stacey's guide to blog design, I finally have a page I am happy with. Thanks Stacey! 

Anyway, here's what I got up to over Christmas. 

Tinsel nails | Off to work Cast | Tea and cake | Santa nails | Sweets | Jeffrey Campbells | And again | And again | Christmas hat selfie | Phantom of the Opera charm bracelet | Sparkly nails | Photo album from our engagement party

I didn't take many photos over Christmas, I'm rubbish. Christmas this year was very relaxed. Normally, my grandparents come over for Christmas dinner but the went to my auntie and uncle's this year, so it was just my immediate family and Pete. After waking my little brothers up at 6.30 am (yes, I woke them up), I was exhausted and ended up falling asleep on the couch around 10.30 pm while Pete was out celebrating with friends. 

What did you get up to over Christmas? Are you all ready for the New Year?


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