Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Personal | The Best Of 2013

I can't believe it's the last night of 2013! The years just go by so quick when you get older don't they? 

I've had a bumpy ride this year, so for once, I'm quite excited for the new year, but I'm not going to spout any of that "new year, new me" rubbish. I don't even make resolutions! Is there anything more cliche? 

Anyway, enough of the negativity, here are some of my best bits of 2013! 

 Meeting Maddison at her naming ceremony | London selfie | Fall Out Boy return on top form | Seeing my favourite Welsh girls
 Celebrating my 23rd birthday | Being proposed to | Ladies Day | The Jagermeister team
 Nicola got married - classic toilet photo (no that's not Nicola) | First BBQ in our first house | Sleepover | Father's day meal
 Attack Attack's farewell gig | Engagement photo | My little brothers made their first communion | Cousin's hen do
 My cousin got married | Pete's cousin got married | Celebrating my best friend's 21st | Pete's sister's wedding
Cousin Luca's christening | Central Perk | Meeting baby Amelia | Yes the Jager team made it twice

I realise the Jager team made it on here twice, but I'm scheduling this post at 23.06 after a long day at work and cannot be bothered editing the photos all over again! 

Have you done a 2013 summary post? I'd love to see the best bits of your year.


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