Tuesday, 31 December 2013

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I'm not one for New Year's resolutions at all, I never have been. I think if you want to change something, you should change it, not wait for the New Year to do it. However, this time, I want to set myself some goals.

I've had my fair share of ups and downs this year, mainly downs, but lets not dwell on that. I hate the cliche "next year is going to be my year" statement, it's only going to be your year if you make it yours!

My goals for 2014 are:
Find a permanent job
I've been agency staff now for over a year, moving from office to office for short periods of time, doing extra work for companies that only require a certain time length. While it's been good experience, developing my administrative skills, I'm ready to find work in a company where I can progress!
Read more
I don't read as much as I used to anymore. I love reading, just don't seem to find the time for it anymore which saddens me. I have a reading list at home as long as my arm too.

Make wedding plans
Since Pete and I got engaged we haven't made any progress with planning our wedding. We're really bad actually, we went to a wedding fair a couple of months ago which wasn't very good. I'm determined to go look at venues very soon though. Exciting! The whole wedding planning ties in with the job thing because I need to save save save!

Be more healthy
This is the one everyone says they're going to do "in the New Year, I'm going to join the gym/ diet." Since I met Pete, I've put on a lot of weight, I could have afforded to because I was very underweight, but at the moment I'm not happy with myself. I love food too much, by food, I mean crisps. They're my weakness. I definitely need to eat better and exercise more (I promise I'm not writing this eating a packet of Quavers). I'm not going to join a gym, I hate the gym, I never know what to do and feel really self concious. I'm going to play more Just Dance and maybe go for jogs.

We'll see how that goes for now! Wish me luck.

So, they're my goals for 2014! I'm going to look back on this post this time next year and do a post on what I have accomplished.
What are your resolutions/ goals for 2014?


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