Friday, 20 June 2014

Life Lately | June

So I've been pretty rubbish at blogging lately. Life has been so busy, Peter and I have just bought our first house together, it's all very exciting! We took on a huge challenge with the house, ripping out bathrooms, kitchens, double doors, plastering, you name it, we did it. 

Today was the big day! We finally moved and my god it's been exhausting. Being 7 months pregnant and packing up your life is tiring business. I wouldn't suggest it. We haven't finished unpacking but I wanted to share a few snaps of our lovely new house because I'm so excited to be here! 


We've still got a lot of decorating to do, and the dining room to sort out (we have a through room eep). Our curtains aren't up yet, and neither is our mirror, but compared to what it looked like two weeks ago, it's pretty much heaven! 

What do you think of our little transformation?


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