Tuesday, 14 April 2015

George at 6 and 7 Months

It's that time of the month again where I talk about the love of my life. It appears that I never did write a six month update which means there will be two months in one. Bad blogger. Bad mummy. I have honestly lost track of time lately, with doing a few days in work, shopping, going on coffee dates, not to mention the copious amount of gigs that March and April have brought me. 

So where do I begin? George can now sit up all by himself, he was unsteady at first, but now he's got it down to an art. I no longer have to sit behind him and can leave the room for a few minutes if I need to. When he does not want to sit up anymore, he flops back so we have to strategically place cushions round him to soften the fall. George visited the park with his grandad and went on the swings for the first time this month, he didn't look too bothered by them, he was just quite chilled. However, on a third visit to the swings with mummy and nanny, he was giggling away. Keeping up with physical activities, he can now roll over both ways instead of getting stuck on his back, and by god do I wish he would just stay still. I need eyes in the back of my head, I will turn away for 30 seconds and his little hands will be grabbing at the ornaments on my fireplace! I am dreading the day he starts crawling already.

We are now up to three meals a day! We started weaning George at 4 and a half months because he was a very heavy boy. We started small, a little baby rice or porridge with a bottle at breakfast time. Then we introduced dinner, then dinner and a pudding. Then lunch and pudding. It was really difficult at first because George refused to drink water and his body was trying it's hardest to get used to a new diet which resulted in him becoming a little "bunged up" shall we say. We had to give him liquids via a syringe but I caved and gave him some juice. This only lasted roughly two weeks and he was right as reign again.  Introducing new foods to George is one of my favourite things to do, I love watching his face as he discovers something for the first time. He loves banana but refuses to touch vegetables so that is something I need to persevere with. If anybody has any advise on which fruits and vegetables make good fingers foods, let me know in the comments below. 

Nanny Sue started singing Pop Goes The Weasel to my boy and he absolutely loves it. His face lights up and he belts out the dirtiest laugh I ever heard. Another game he has grown to love is Peekaboo, he even moves your hands away from your face. We are currently trying to encourage him to clap but he looks at you as if to say "I'm not a performing monkey. Leave me alone, mother!" He will hold your hands as you clap though, so that's something right?

We now have a tooth! This was such a tough time for both George and myself, it really felt like he had been teething forever and he struggled cutting his first tooth. First came the grouchiness, then came the runny nose and cough. Two days later a tiny, little white tooth poked through. Thanks Nanny Sue for finding it and buying me a present! Every day we notice it a little bit more and he looks so funny with one little bottom tooth. I  totally underestimated how sharp it was until I put some food in his mouth and he bit me! Beware mums, they are like little razor blazes.

He has learned to push your hand away when he doesn't want you to do something, such as dress him, touch his head, or even just touch him. But the thing I love most about him, is he now gives kisses, it is the single most, adorable thing in the whole entire world. He moves his head forward and opens his mouth for one of those baby kisses that they do. His personality is shining through with each and every minute.

George, I love watching you grow every day and I love all these new milestones that we are going through together. You are perfect.

Rachael xo


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