Friday, 17 April 2015

Money Saving Tips for New Parents

Babies are expensive and it only gets worse as they get older! I have found some simple ways to save that little bit more money because let's face it, every little helps.

Switch to cheaper nappies
Asda's own Little Angels nappies are just as good as Pampers and they are a fraction of the price. I get over 100 nappies for £12 when they are on offer. I have also heard good things about Aldi's own nappies but we are yet to try them. I did find with Little Angels we had a few leaks of a night time whilst he was on bottles only so I did use Pampers just of a night time, but it still saved me a fortune.

Look for offers
I think this is one nobody needs to be told, we all love a good bargain. We always get our baby wipes from Amazon when a 12 box of Johnson's is on offer. I think we are stocked up for the rest of the year! Buying multipacks works out to be a lot less expensive than individually so do your research and shop around.

Make your own food 
We go through so many jars of baby food a week, it is ridiculous. They are always on offer which is a relief to me because I cannot cook so they come in handy. I want to start making my own food for George though because it will be so much nicer and just healthier in general for him, I just like the convenience of jars. I purchased some plastic pots from Asda for £1 and they can be put in the freezer.

Join your local baby buy/ sell page on Facebook 
I recently joined my local buy/ sell page and snagged a bargain on the same day. You will be surprised at what you find on there, some of it is tat, but some of it can be really good, just be quick because items will go fast.

Baby and Toddler Events 
Check out your local supermarkets for these events because they have some fabulous deals on everything from car seats and highchairs to food and clothes.

Don't dismiss pound shops
Some pound shops have some cracking things, I've seen Woodwards Gripe Water in there, they have teething rings and even food nets (much cheaper than some of the branded ones and they do the exact same job!

Shop in low end high street stores for basics
I refuse to spend over £10 on baby grows for George when he is just going to be sleeping in them. I won't even splash out on vests and socks for him, with the rate he grows out of clothes, it just isn't worth it. I find supermarkets perfectly fine for these items and even good old Primark!

Not only is breastfeeding most beneficial for your baby, it is free! Formula milk is so expensive and when George was newborn, we used to go through a box a week. Now he is on solids we use it less so it lasts a bit longer but I wish I'd been able to breastfeed to save on the cost of milk.

What tips have you found that have helped you save money?


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