Monday, 20 October 2014

Family | What Jegz & George Did

After a weekend in our pyjamas, I decided George and I should take a walk into our local town centre, so this morning, we had breakfast, got dressed and headed off with the intention of just buying Infacol (for George) and makeup for me, then going back home for a day of housework. (Yep, the exciting life of a mum!)

Setting off at 12.15 (it takes 10 minutes for us to walk into town), we saw the world and his wife and didn't get home until just after 3pm! I bumped into my nan, so we had a nice little lunch together before heading off. All in all it was a pretty successful day out because it meant I got to show off my little man, I hate going out and not seeing anyone I know! 

I have a major love/ hate relationship with Revlon Colour Stay Foundation and after reading some great reviews of the Rimmel Match Perfection, I thought I'd pick it up. It's one of the rare drug store foundations that comes pale enough for my skin tone! I picked these MUA lip liners for £1 each, bargain, I can't wait to try them. I want to play with all my new makeup right now! 

There's such a massive hype around Makeup Revolution at the moment, so I picked up these lipsticks, nice dark berry colours for Autumn/ Winter, again, a bargain at £1! What more can a girl want? 

Anyway, enough of my ramblings.


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