Saturday, 12 July 2014

A Guide to | Festivals

I'm a little late to the party with the themed post here, but hey, I'm pregnant, you can let me off right? 

Now I wouldn't call myself a festival pro (I've only ever been to Leeds Festival twice). Pete is a massive lover of festivals, and after vowing I'd never go to one (ever!) I decided to see what the big fuss was and made the decision to go to Leeds in 2012 with him. Anything that could go wrong, went wrong, but in the end I had an amazing time and went back again last year. I'm pretty upset I'm missing out on all the festivals this year, but Baby W will definitely be worth it! 

Anyway, here's my survival guide:

  1. Knee high wellies with a decent grip on the bottom are always the best bet in England. The first time I went, I made the mistake of wearing my ankle Jeffrey Campbell wellies and while they looked really cute, they did no good for keeping my grip, I was slipping and sliding everywhere in the mud and ended up wearing my trusty Docs the rest of the time. Thank god the weather wasn't that bad! 
  2. Hand sanitiser is your best friend, always take hand sanitiser, everywhere. You will get very dirty. 
  3. Take a life time supply of tissues. The trip to the toilets are never fun, especially when you're basically squatting over a hole so you really don't want to forget your tissues! 
  4. Wear shorts rather than jeans, you will dry off much faster if it pisses down - which it probably will! Besides, who doesn't love wearing shorts and knee high socks? (Just me?)
  5. Take sun block, even though it will probably rain, you don't want to ruin your weekend by getting burnt in the very rare case the sun will shine! Remember you're outside all day.
  6. A waterproof mac is a must, okay you will look ridiculous, but hey, you're at a festival, you're allowed to look silly. 
  7. Don't camp near a fence or a wall. People piss up fences and walls, would you really want to wake up to someone urinating all up in your living space? 
  8. Wear dark nail polish! It will hide the mud that gets up your nails. I fell in the mud numerous times last year and had to wash my hair 3/4 times when I got home.
  9. Dry shampoo and makeup wipes will be your bff, seriously. 
  10. Drink as much cider as you can handle, there's not much opportunity to start drinking at 8am right through the day and the night! 
Have you been to any festivals yet this year?


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