Monday, 4 May 2015

John Frieda Dream Curls

Up until I was three, I had no hair at all, then all of a sudden these little tight, ginger curls appeared. Looking back on some of my childhood photos, I resembled little orphan Annie. So yes, I have been cursed (some may say blessed) with curly hair! People in the street have stopped me to compliment my curls ever since I was a young child, some would even ask if it had been permed, I kid you not.

Curls can be so unpredictable, some days I can wash my hair, not do anything with it and wake up the next morning with amazing Carrie Bradshaw-esque curls, and other days I look Mick Hucknall! I have used leave in conditioner, mousse, normal conditioner but still nothing seems to tame it the same way every time. 

Now I have never been loyal to shampoo and conditioner before and never have I used one specific to curly hair, but I have changed my ways! I picked up the John Frieda Dream Curls shampoo and conditioner when they were on offer in Asda and on first use was completely wowed! I washed and conditioned my hair as normal, towel dried it as I do (I never use a hair dryer) applied some John Frieda Dream Curls setting spray, and left it. I slept in it and when I awoke I  really did have dream curls. As I mentioned before, no product has managed to tame my hair the same way, so on my weekly hair wash, I practised the same routine again and the next day, I woke up with amazing curls. 

It isn't often I say I love a beauty product (I am no beauty blogger) but this stuff is a miracle worker for curly hair. I am a big fan of anything that minimises my getting ready time in the morning. Now I am back in work, I have been wanting to embrace my natural curls to save on time and now I can finally do it without worrying what the day after I've washed my hair will bring.

Which products do you use for curly hair?


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