Saturday, 24 May 2014

Instagram | Bumper Edition Update

 Lunch date in the sun | Maternity treats | Watching a film | Alcohol free Kopparberg | JC life | Bubble gum pop | Early nights | Criminal Minds and Harry's headphones | Flashback from a wedding
 Being hipster| Flashback to being 17 and loving FFAF | Fish braid | Favourite scents | Pizza for breakfast | Little OOTD | Little flower nails | 10th Anniversary | Alcohol free cocktail |
 Flashback with Gretch | Curly head | McBusted | Funeral for Friend with Neil | New primer | Free manicure courtesy of work | New job, new desk, new mug | Bun head | Nanny C spoils us |
 Beanie hat in Spring | Flower nails | Baby Walker was kicking | TGIF | Rocking the maternity tee | Beach selfie with Harry | Beach selfie with Elliot | Lemon salmon | Dotty nails
 Accidental duplicate (baby brain) | Treating myself | One month in my new job | Chocolate cake and ice cream | Pete leaves me £2 coins for our wedding fund | Rocking my FFAF tee | Leopard nails | Big glasses and flower crowns | Another bloody duplicate |
FFAF OOTD | Manicure time | Best DVD | Cuddles with Pancakes | Drawing in the sand | Ice cream and silly fiance | Flower hair accessories | Bump getting bigger | This little face | 

Apologies for the picture heavy post! I've been so busy the past few weeks with my new job, and our new house is having a LOT of work doing to it, so I've not really found the time for blogging. I only noticed when typing this post up there were a few pictures I wanted to post here but haven't and instead have two duplicates. Blame the baby brain, seriously, I'm terrible! 

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see that I'm taking part in #100happydays which is a great little thing to be part of, it constantly makes me think to take a picture of something that has made me happy that day, and when I'm having a bad day I consciously find something to cheer me up for this! 

What have you been up to lately?
Leave me your Instagram links below so I can have a nosey at what you've been up to :)


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